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What is a Perceive Real

In India, education means a market and business. Where, school, college, coaching, and university are businesses. Students and parents are the markets.

It's time to change the education system through Perceive Real.

Perceive Real is a platform where you can see the performance matrix of your institute like school, college, coaching, university, etc. You will get a detailed inside report about your institute that what is going inside.

Perceive Real is an analytic software and a search engine of educational places.

The benefit of Perceive Real is to know that your school, college, university, or coaching give you the right education or you are only the ATM for them.

Perceive Real Providing You

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If you are a student, teacher, or parent then you can give a genuine review and rating to your school, college, coaching, and university.

If you do so, then other people will get the real image of your institute from the inside, and people become aware.

Now, your institute will work hard to give you proper education to maintain its reputation and rating.

Perceive Real shows you the performance metrics of your school, college, university, and coaching based on a deep analytical report.

You can compare your institute to others on the basis of rating, benefit, fees, teacher salary, teacher's performance, and many more.

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My Contribution towards India

Why I Support

In India, it is very easy to earn money on someone's loss but it is hard to give the actual value of money. Our education system is the same, now a day's, education becomes a business for whom how provides it. Everyone is focusing on marketing but not giving actual quality.

Examples: Schools are increasing more and more fees and they are focusing on rich families for more income. School, coaching, college hires teachers in very low salary. This causes a downfall in student education because these low-paid teachers focusing on their job, not on their responsibilities towards their students.

Perceive Real is created to change the education system and make a balance in the education system. Everyone will be aware of what is going inside in their school, college, coaching, and university.

If you are thinking we are doing something new and good and want us to do good, then we need your help. Because change not happening on a single day and not be alone. If you want the change then we have to make the change together. Your small amount of money will make big difference in our Indian education.

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